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As every year, this particular type of kitesurfers which dare to kite in the most challenging conditions, have their change to probe their skills. This time we are talking about ice kitesurfing.

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WISSA is one of the the longest running international competitions devoted to snowkiting, ice and snow sailing.

Chief organizer Kalev Allikveer together along with the Estonian Windsurfing Association this year hosted five days
of WISSA international race events, including course racing, slalom, speed racing, and also freestyle for kites, sails and wings.

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This years event was held on Estonia, a country that has a long and proud history of ice and snow sailing.

Haapsalu was the chosen town for the event, the city ad its lake are located in the southern shore of the Baltic Sea
The most suitable airport was in Tallinn, which is located 110 km from the town of Haapsalu.

Organizers arranged transport for competitors and support personnel, also for equipment to and from the airport

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From the first day of the World Cup, winners in the different races were from Latvia, Sweden, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia and Switzerland

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On the second day, morning’s heavy rain along Lake Võrtsjärv forced competition to be moved to Talveala.

At the start of races in the new spot, due to the following adverse weather conditions had to be initially cancelled, but on the afternoon could be restarted the first races with the windsliders and the wings, and then after, followed the kite races.

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With different and changing conditions during the 3 days of competition, the competitors saw rain, snow and also sun, being the wind most for most part of the competition around the 10 knots of wind.

The 2016 WISSA event was a succees and all competitors are alrady looking forward the following 2017 event, which new location is yet to be decided.

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