It is possible that one day you get caught in a situation where you’re away from the shore and you are the victim of a windfall. These things are perfectly avoidable since you must not sail with offshore winds and we must be aware of the Wind forecast and a possible change direction.

1 kitesurfen mallorca kiting too far

kitesurfing too far. What if the wind fails?

2 dangers oo offshore winds kitesurfen mallorca

Offshore wind is misleading, may fall at any time

Obviously this is less punishing as long as you have not kited far from the coast. Remember the saying: Kite not further than you’re willing to swim.

3 bodydrag until the shore kitesurfen mallorca

while the kite is in the air, try the bodydrag

4 a long bodydrag kitesurfen mallorca

reaching the shore, exhausted but chastened

• If the situation is a temporary windfall, just drop your body back into the water and try to keep the kite aloft albeit by steering it to and fro, trying by all means the kite does not fall into the water, even if it means get downwinded leeward.

. If it appears that the wind does not come up, and you see that deriving you’ll get to get closer to land, do not mind. You better walk back than to stay afloat.

7 kitesurfen mallorca wind lack

wind drop, try to launch your kite

8 self rescue kiteblog

when that’s not possible, try self rescue

. If the kite can not fly and falls into the water, roll the lines on the bar and try to self rescue taking one end of the kite with each hand so you can take advantage of the wind and try to reach the beach.

9 self rescue

if wind has really dropped to 0, it is time to pack everything

10 pack all and swim kitesurfen mallorca

in that case, swim back to shore -better never sail too far-

If the wind is really not picking again, consider leaving the equipment and swim to shore. Once you reach the shore, maybe you can contact someone with a boat to help you recover your stuff.


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