Skimboarding is a board, sometimes similar in shape to a surfboard, just shorter wider, lighter,thinner … and cheaper, of course.

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They have so much buoyancy than a surfboard and usually don’t have fins .

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They originated from children who shaped a wooden board is, sometimes completely round and threw it against the surface of water left on the shore when the wave has crashed and returns back , which offered two possibilities:

1.   They are able to plane of very shallow water that is more or less downhill

2.    There is more water coming towards you while you are slidding thanks to the next wave reaching the shore, which in turn provides a ramp on which get catapulted upwards or make a radical turn.


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Needless to say that you better be very fit or be almost rubber made , so that you do not break a bone or damage an ankle in one of the inevitable falls which follow the sliding.

The greatest enemy of skimboarding is that you stop suddenly on your glidding thus there … sure you fly and see how will you land from your flight.

What’s a skimboard?

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At one point, back in 2005 , someone tried kitesurfing on a skim board, which not have fins and were short and quite rounded, gaining access to the possibility to make shapr turns and changes of direction as well as multiple grabs. One of the main reasons why some prefer skimboards is the possibility of skidding throwing water spray while gliding at the same time.

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Skimboards have little rocker.  They are generally flat at the center, with a little rocker in the nose and almost nothing in the tail. That flat shape provides a more efficient sliding along the surface of the water with minimal resistance.

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A skimboard is wider than most surfboards, which helps distribute the weight and the more the weight it is distributed this weight is going to add flotation to our ride.

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The little rocker on top and tail of the board makes it easier to overcome the chop and will facilitate to be able to go in both directions, given also that little rocker in the nose and tail.

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There are different types of skimboards. Having more rounded edges or ended in a sharper angle. The latter offers better grip on the surface of a wave. The more rounded, it is easier in turns, specially for manoeuvres and transitions.

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The reasons why you would prefer to kitesurf with a skimboard :

• They are ideal for lightwind

• Handling and smooth sailing at low speed

• Fun in small waves

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• Go quite well upwind

• Lightweight, small and not too expensive

• To navigate practicing small maneuvers and turns

• You can navigate in very shallow water

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Skimboarding KITE VIDEOS


and a natural skimboard without kite propulsion