Sebastian and Victor, twins, swedish nationals  11 years of age. Two lovely young birds which one day, in the future, will become a kiter.

Their first training, taking place on our last day of “forced exil”  🙂 in the Es Barcares area of Pollensa bay.

Finally, the chorlitejo birds had enough time to start discovering life and learn to feed themselves on the bay shores.  Holly 1th of July!

1 swedish kite students in Alcudia Mallorca 2 Sebastian learning to relaunch kitesurf en Mallorca

The kites, Flysurfer Viron, 4 and 2,5 mts.  The wind, direction NE 10-12 knots.  Both kites on the water, the lesson: learn how to relaunch your kite once it has fallen in the sea.

3 Victor first kite lessons Mallorca 4 both flysurfer kites on the water kiteschool Alcudia

Victor starts pulling the left direction line and the kite starts turning towards this side of the wind window and relaunch without any problem.

Now pulls the kite bar towards himself with both hands -do you remember, guys?- and starts steering the kite towards the right and left side, always keeping the kite bar in the same plane of the kite, considering that as you pull one tip of the bar, the kite will start pivoting around

5 pull right line kitesurfing school relaunch in Alcudia 6 flysurfer kite school Mallorca kite relaunch

7 Viron flysurfer mallorca kite lessons 8 Victor kite course Alcudia, launching the Viron 2,5

Now it is Sebastian turn, he is doing the same thing that his brother just did: Pull one side line and see how the kite is moving to the side of the wind window before turning around and catching air again

9 Viron kiteschool in Mallorca swedish kite courses 10 Sebastian kitesurfing Alcudia launching back the Viron

11 both flysurfer kites flying mallorca kite lessons 12 kitesurfing school in Pollensa bay Sebastian practices

13 kite steering mallorca kitekurse Sebastian 14 Victor flysurfer kiteschule Mallorca Viron training

Both school Flyurfer kites are flying again and our young friends are enjoying their kitesurfing learning and practices

15 aprender kitesurf en Palma de Mallorca Sebastian y Victor 16 Viron kite relaunch Mallorca Sebastian flies his kite

17 best kite school swedish kite course Mallorca

Two young projects of kiter/Mallorca kiteschool