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There are things in the water, we all know that. Some people, in their most hidden nightmares, sure have had one where they are in the water and suddenly comes “something” … and there, and just do not know how it follows… Each has his own nightmares, isn’t it?.

The picture that opens this blog it is a postcard, a postcard from a place called Guanacaste, which almost no one, except if you are an american surfer has heard about.

The postcard briefly review some of the ” wonders ” of the area. Namely, fruit trees, a mango tree to be exact, beautiful tropical birds, beautiful beaches, limpid blue seas …and the girl, of course.


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Well, in one of those sleepless nights , which was not yesterday, in which I was not able yet to feel tired enough and get sleep, browsing the net looking for a new and different destination to go kitesurfing, one finds … Costa Rica.

What ‘s the good thing good about Costa Rica?

Several things, to know, Costa Rica have nice tropical weather in November, for example, the language, is castellano.  It seems there’s little insecurity and criminallity, unlike the other countries of the area, and lots of wonderful beaches, both in the Atlantic and Pacific Coast, where we could try kitesurfing.

tamarindo beach kitesurfing mallorca kite blogThe more you read about it, the better and more appealing. All seems to be, suddenly, you find something that takes away the desire to visite and kitesurf in their beaches. Why? What’s the matter? What could be so wrong that your thirst of tropical kitesurfing paradises sudenly ends? Very simple, even before being asleep, is your nightmare, that old nightmare, coming out of nowhere, is here again!.


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Yes sir ! Those who made the postcard forgot one thing. Because … if someone comes to imagine what can happen in the surf, not far from the beach, certainly, will make you to think better about the possibility that this dreadful scenario it repeats with you as the one in the water.

1 cocodrilo en el mar kite blog kitesurfing mallorca kite blog.2 cocodrilo en el mar kitesurfing lessons mallorca kiteblog

Do you get the idea, right? That’s it!. A crocodile in the water!!!.   And this creature  attacks a surfer.  Imagine the surprise, the terrible shock that something like that it happens to you.

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Here I upload some links about it.

Okay, in the next two links, it is evident that some guys were, in fact, looking for troubles

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I will not talk about this subject now, but maybe another day. Only comment that last October such a thing dissolved my doubts about chosing Brazil, when Isma and Volker wanted to take me there in our kite holidays instead of my first idea to go kitesurfing to Sri Lanka.


I wanted to go to Sri Lanka, a country that has lately become fashionable about kitesurfing. Okay, everyone is going to Kalpitiya which is on the West Coast, but there were a couple of things that I really didn’t like: the water is flat and in November, when I wanted to go, the winds blow from east to west, that is, the entire east coast, unless heat creates a thermal wind which is not unthinkable but not proven yet, should receive offshore winds … Kalpitiya lies on the West coast and winds at that time of the year are East direction.

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In that case it would be best to go to the East Coast and check every beach and even get a small – or large – guide to the places I was browsing for, including the mythical Arugam bay,  the surf spot, the quintessential Indian Ocean surf destination in Sri Lanka.

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In short, while I was considering some basic facts like where to go and how to move, where to eat, sleep, kitesurf and … the things one can find in there, I ended finding the devastating deterrent statistics of crocodile attacks which take place in this wonderful island.

croc trapped kite blog

Therefore, and after some final considerations, I decided to abandone the idea and left it for another time when perhaps I will feel more … courageous and willing to accept that something really bad may happen to me for fooling around in unchartered waters with this kitesurfing thing.

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And then we return to the Costa Rica affair and what happened to the surfer.  No good! no good!, in fact, very bad!!!.  Not like that, like this, I ‘m not going anywhere. What for? when our kite life in Mallorca it is so good and peaceful!.

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Of course , we must take into account a little something that is conducive to the croc fooling around in the waves looking to feed himself.

kiteblog kitesurfing lessons mallorca.crocs kite rizen kitesurfen mallorca

Imagine this lovely animals trying to catch a kitesurfer …

And what else can be that the beach is next to where a river flows, and, you know, these animals live in rivers and some of them, the more adventurous, perhaps decide to venture into the sea.

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I include a links on the animal in question and their interaction with people living on the banks of the aquatic and terrestrial places where they live.