This is a topic that, the same name is telling everything about it: this you should not try.  I personally have put it into practice, on one occasion, but I went up not too much. The idea was to see how was it.

Back in 2006, in my case, it was a jetsky not a boat which towed me and I was just about about 6 meters up, I let go of the rope and landed gently. Nothing happened.

Though the whole thing was definitely not so easy, it was necessary to repeat the test 7 or 8 times and the main problem was to tune the speed of the jetski with my navigation, apart from the mess that was to control with one hand on the bar and the second hand on the rope that towed me.

What I did was put the triangle on the rope just tucked into my harnes rod and start kitesurfing with both hands on the bar, while the jetski was trying to match my speed and not getting ahead of me too much until the rope was about to be tense moment when I was still navigating with one hand on the bar, to be exact the left one and the right hand began to leave the jetski rope that was dragging me.

Then was when I had to pull from the bar and start ascending.  In the beginning it was a real mess because we had to synchronize all … I had to left go of the rope several times because it was pulling too much from me or I was not able to regulate the left hand on the kite bar, considering that in my case, the rope was as long as it was, no more.

The best time I went up was when on the jetski were two colleagues sitting back to back , one of them looking at me and he was saying to the other guy: a little more power, not so fast, etc…

Actually I saw a video from a similar test ten years ago in Florida near of that famous long bridge linking the Florida Keys and the guy was quite high up, when his chicken loop failed, so the guy plummeted and got out of the water spitting blood, but I think that nothing happened … (nothing serious I mean)


Well, in this case, the record of  being hight pulled by a boat, looks like it belongs to a certain guy named Jesse Richman, an American boy who lives in Maui and decided to try the TOW KITE in the Gorge

kite TowUp kitesurfen mallorca kite blog

In the video you see the event and in a later interview he give all details about the flight and the height. Anyway … crazy!. Imagine that his chicken loop also fails!

The fact is that, although a tube kite obviously also has certain attributes of flight, neither can not be compared with a foilkite.   A foil is a flying machine … and as seen on the last blog of parakite it basically behaves almost like a normal glider …

Jesse Richman over The Gorge kitesurfing mallorca

The other thing about the kitetube in the Gorge … he managed to somehow fly and thanks to his constant kite loops he minimized the fall and after all, luckily, nothing happened … Though, it seems that he carried both in front of him and under him, what it looked like … at least, a parachute

Some information about Mr Richman-in these times, we must recognize that the kid has a nice name-

And … the video of the event in question: