A couple of photos to illustrate the test of the new Boost 18 mts Flysurfer tube kite

The kiteschool KITEMALLORCA CB edmkpollensa.com in the Bay of Pollensa.

Boost 18 mts kitesurfen schule mallorca test

end of May 2015, Volker our kite friend has brought with him one of the early kites that flysurfer has just created, the new Boost, on its big size, the 18 mts

Boost 20 David tester kitekurs auf mallorca mit flysurfer

the tester is going to be our kite pal David, the conditions, 10 knots of North East on a sunny Mallorcan day

Boost 21 Es barcares kitesurfen schule mallorca

just to mention that he is als0 going to try the new Fly Radical board in size L

Boost 22 flysurfer kitesurfenschule auf mallorca

and … there he goes, towards the crew of riders that are trying to ride with their 17 and 14 mts of kite

Boost 23 May 2015 kitesurfen kurs mallorca

David would mention later the smooth feeling on the kite bar and the generous power of the Boost, though it cannot be considered a fast kite, due to its size, it feels soft on the bar and in the change of direction, and in spite of the barely 7/8 kts that sometimes were blowing, he had no probllem keeping his track and going upwind

Boost 24 mallorca kiteschule palma und Pollensa

most of the time, David rode upwind than the other kiters and he could even try some small jumps

Boost 25 test kitesurfen mallorca flysurfer deutsche kiteschule

and this last pic, just to remind you that if you are coming to mallorca for a kitesurfing holidays, it is a good idea to bring a big kite for that days in which the wind will not surpass the 12 knots.


Testing the Boost 18 mts/ Kitesurfen schule Mallorca blog