Some kitefoil info to consider

One small detail. You could say that of: a little something unimportant, but no. This is a very important detail. I am talking about the briddles on our flysurfer kites in the point in wchich they join with the last briddle tail, that is where each line is joining the briddle.

We know that the yellow dynema lines, passing inside of the pulleys, suffer a slow but noticeable wear.  What is the paradoxical thing about it? as some of you already know: that, wear will make the yellow lines to shrink.

When wear is already evident, apart from its reduction in length, it fosters two facts


kitesurfen schule mallorca kite flysurfer adjustments

1 … We must regulate the trimmer or possibility of realignment of the four knots A, B, C and Z.

On the Speed 4 model 8 and 10 mts there are just 3 knots to align, anyway that will make the kite fly in the most stable way possible and offer its best  and …

2 … We should have to change those yellow lines before they break or fail and send us straight to chaos and to the possible accident.


kitesurfen in palma de mallorca your flysurfer briddles

On the procedure for changing these briddles we must undo the connection between them  and there came the reason of this post.

Observe well how they are connected because … what you do not want is connect them in the illusion that you have done it well when … this has not really happened.
More than anything, because if we do it wrongly, those connections will loosen and simply will fail, and then the big kitefright is just around the corner.


kitesurfen schule in pollensa kitelessons flysurfer briddles trim


mallorca kitesurfen alcudia beach trimming of flysurfer speed 3


flysurfer trimming advice by kite mallorca kitekurse

Before making that change, take reference of the connections for the other side of the kite as we proceed in what we are manipulating.

Well, nothing more. Watch and remember it when it is time for you to the change and a last detail to keep in mind:

Consider also, if you have the earlier flysurfer bar, the Infinity 1, the metal connections between the lines and the briddles.

mallorca kitesurfex balearen.mallorca kitesurfschule flysurfer bridles replacement

Make sure you do well this connection, it only needs a bit of attention and this way we will be sure we have done it well.