There are many things – situations in this case – that we could qualify of misterious, now you see something and next moment … you don’t see it anymore.  This was one of that cases.
Jaime arriving to the beach, the truth is that it was already quite long time that we did not see him.
Immediately he starts with the energetic pumping of his newly repaired 12 meters Naish tubekite  that, evidently it will not be big enough, given the limited wind at the moment.

As he has touched my heart, seing him so busy in what most surely will end up in nothing, well, nothing but getting drifted donwind unavoidably.   I decide to open the back door of my van and lend him the 14 mts Pulse 2 from Flysurfer.   I launch it myself and pass it to him, who receives it with a smile on his face and … there he goes!


jaime se va navegar en Pollensa bay kite lessons kitesurfen mallorca

He speeds forward, well powered, front leg stretched, such as I have recommended him thousand times before to do, so stretched, almost stiff, I would say, like the wooden leg of a pirate of the Caribbean.

Jaime se aleja navegando en su tabla flysurfer kitesurfen schule mallorca

All of this is hapenning under the astonished eyes of one of our kite students who has evidently succumbed to the charm and the plastic of the moment
-Jaime riding and in speed-

 jaime desaparece escuela de kite kitesurfen mallorca

When, suddenly, seen and not seen – hence the name of this post- and for no apparent reason, since it has not been a treacherous wave, nor has encountered nothing floating what may been the cause of losing balance, but on the contrary … our dear Jaime vanish from the sea surface engorged by the waters …
and … let us hope he has only been “swallowed up” by the waters and not by another thing, because…

pastelito for a shark curoso de kite kitesurfen mallorca.estamos aprendiendo kite kitesurfenschule Pollensa y Sa Rapita mallorca

for certain marine species that we all know which inhabits the waters of all sea and oceans around the world, we are neither more nor less than a sort of a cupcake, or if not, look at the two photos above…
And I know that I could have named this post on the blog otherwise, and have gone directly to the heart of the matter, which is nothing more than what the link below brings up.
The presence of sharks in our waters recently…

News that obviously should worry anyone who, like me, spends 8 hours a day in the waters of Pollentia Bay; especially when the newspaper is mentioning both, the bays of Alcudia and Pollensa.


Jaime after kitesurfing lessons in Mallorca renal Playa de PalmaJaime alive and kicking

The whole shark thing, in fact, had nothing to do with Jaime and his dubious kitesurfistic skills.
The poor fellow is still in diapers, I would say, if kitesurfistically speaking, reason why it is not surprising at all, that, at any time, he may lose balance and give with his body in the water.