The Sargasso Sea

Sargasso … What is sargasso? Even the name sounds …  as a sort of … kelp?, as if the name does not already go very misguided.

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Sargasso or Kelp is a sea plant somewhat special in that it looks like a large leave but has little balls containing a small amount of nitrogen gas.
In fact, the plant is impractical from an economic point of view although the mexicans, which are tired of them because it arrives to their beaches in huge amounts affecting tourism because the authorities are forced to remove constantly mountains of kelp, are studying the idea of making of it biofuel.


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In fact, the coast of the Mexican Caribbean often receives huge amounts of sargasso kelp plants.
Something like whay happens here in Mallorca with our beloved Posidonia but in significant higher amounts of it, taking both financial and human resources to get rid of that amount of the plant.

No kite area SARGASSO SEA

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Situation which I’ve lived in person during my Mexican kitesurfing stay in Cancun on 2002.  I still remember the machines and caterpillars  creating an inevitably beach mess with the smell of diesel on account of the withdrawal of scores of trucks and trucks loaded with kelp.


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But what brings me to talk about the kelp is where the plant lives, which, as one would expect is:  The Sargasso Sea.

Is this an extension colonized 100 per cent by a single plant in an area of some absolutely brutal dimensions. We’re talking about 1100 kms wide by 3500 km long.


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For if has been there seemingly since time immemorial. Tremendous extension of this marine plant that significantly hinders navigation above everything crossing over it especially if they are sailing, for two reasons: because the keel of the boat tends to snag, and above all … because there is no wind.


The Bermuda Triangle

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Yes, in that area of the Atlantic there is no wind, in fact the most noticeable feature is  that the sargasso Sea it is surrounded by several of the major world oceanic currents.


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Evidently, this huge area has its importance at the level of plankton and interestingly, because of these currents around it, the center of Sargasso Sea turns very slowly clockwise.

Besides all, this curiosity it is something that is not given in any other part of the planet.  The Sargasso Sea is also part of fiction, half legend that takes place in this part of the world, I’m talking about The Bermuda Triangle.


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The three sides of an imaginary triangle whose vertices zone are: Miami, United Bermuda and east of the island of Puerto Rico.

Since 1400 there is evidence of many disappearances of ships and aircraft subsequently, which has fueled the legend to be an area of possible visite of aircrafts from other galaxies , UFO’s and it is considerd by some as a magnetic pole on a global level as an explanation of all the documented phenomena.


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Although, I must say, this is a very busy area, both air and maritime traffic, which could be a more coherent and less … magical explanation about all disappearances and similar

However, there are two evident reasons for not going there: there is little or no wind, the water is a huge tangle of aquatic plants, as well in this area come to breed Atlantic eels – You will not want to grapple with billions of eels in who knows which mood, isn’t it? … and also it is said that in the Sargasso Sea is a fish of formidable teeth which lives in the kelp and more than swim it almost climb the plants to capture its prey, or even if that was not enough, you do not want to see if it is true all what it is told about the triangle legend and disappear yourself in the effort, don’t you?

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