Preferences of way

1.- The kiter starting his ride from the beach has priority over the incoming kiters

2.- Make sure that the area where you are going to perform a manoeuver it is free from other riders

3.- If two kitesurfers cross their paths, the kiter in the lee must send his kite down

4.- When two kiters are riding towards each other, the kiter that is receiving the wind with his right hand at the front of the bar has the right of way.

5.- When two kiters cross their paths, the kiter which is riding a wave has the priority

6.- Remember these rules and respect them always



kitesurfen mallorca preferences of step



During your kite lessons and practices, thanks to the Asociacion Aprende a Navegar, you will have the opportunity to contact with other students and club members, some advanced riders, some beginners as yourself, with which to share experiences, ask questions and improve your technique, this will make you, definitely, more efficient.

On that link you can see also some important advices once you have finished your kite lessons