The name of this maneuver comes from the part of the board on which you are pushing against the water, corresponding to your toes, not your heels , which is how you do kitesurf naturally.

Before that we should know what is regular and goofy, which are the two positions that you surf. Regular or Natural is when the left foot is forward , and when the front foot is forward we call that goofy.

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Everyone should know which way we feel more comfortable down a wave , for example. I am goofy , because in the waves breaking to the left, my natural position is going face to the wave, in the waves breaking right I will give my back to the wave .

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In some sliding sports if you see guys “riding toeside”, that is toes on the edge of the board corresponding to the inside.

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In the case of the skate, or snowboard it’s almost inevitable, since they are zigzagging, as its driving force is gravity, I mean , go down the slope.

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In our case, kiteboarding, because our driving force is the kite, therefore we need not moving the hips and be changing tack to keep riding.


Hence also consider the difference between “switch” and ” fakie ” stances or positions. But about the fakie stance – navigate forward with our back  – better talk in another occasion, now we are busy tryng to explain the “switch” which means changing the front foot by the back while maintaining the same direction of navigation.

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That said , and back again to kitesurf . The details of a good toeside are:

1.  You are kiting fast enough and no one else around you that can hinder your maneuver.

2 . Decide the exact point where you want to begin the maneuver, the chop will not help, flat water is best water possible.

3 . The ideal position is to keep the kite around 11 am

4.  You have to calculate how much pressure you do with the back foot, because too much pressure will cause the board stalling.   5.  Making the turn -180 degrees- rapidly and without hesitation.

6.  Make sure you keep the kite powered with sufficient pressure on the bar otherwise steer the kite to find more power.

7.  Maintain the body straight rather counterbalancing the kite and thrust your head and shoulders in the direction of navigation.

8.  Keep the front leg straight and slightly bent the back leg, that will give you more stability.

9.  Try to navigate on the edge of the board, not the tail.

10. The problem with toeside riding is not the difficulty of it but to do it right.


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