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In the first pic of our post, the tube kite has fell on the water and due to it, the bar lines are crossed, once the kite relaunchs, the bar has to be turned in the correct position.

Another possibility would be turn the bar at the beginning of the maneuver.


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Pull, by instance, from the left line, so that the kite will start to move to the right side of the wind window.


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The tension we are applying must be continuous, and according to that, the kite begins to rise on its left tip while moving to the right side of the wind window.

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To reach the time when the kite is lifted vertically on its left tip, but still resting on the water, with a little more tension backwards on the line …

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The kite begins to rise and fly, at this moment we push the bar upwards, and without any tension on  both side lines, the kite will be at its correct angle with respect to the wind.

In the last diagram we can see the natural way side/upwards the kite is taking as we gradually pulling from the left side line.

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kitesurfing mallorca the kite starts turning

The kite has fall, we wait until it is completely downwind, then we pull fully one side line

kitesurfen mallorca the kite has turned all the way

The kite starts to lift, we turn the bar and push it forward

the kite starts its fly kitesurfen mallorca

the kite starts flying, now the bar should be all the way up and we control it to don’t go neither left or right …

kitesurfing lessons mallorca the kite is up again

and … voila!, now keep focused, be precise in your reactions with the control bar and … good luck!