Although it is a topic we brought not long ago, it is worth, to give it a further review.   In theory, all tube kites are water relaunchable, some more easily, other, more rebellious, but they should also fly once fallen out of favor, I mean, floating.

From ancient type C kites until now, whatever you call them, Delta flat, I think, all come to fly back with the proper technique.  In those old  C type, the thing was much harder, because practically the tips of the kite were in 90 degree angle, that is why with the pull of one the side lines, the resistance of the kite to rotate on its tip was such that, there was no way to make it fly again; that is why it was invented the 5th line.

1 WIPIKA airblast kitesurfen mallorca.2 NAISH C type kitesurfen mallorca.3 SLE NAISH kitesurfen mallorca

Wipika Airblast, Naish C type and Naish SLE

Over time, back in 2005, Cabrinha was the first brand to apply the experiments of Mr Legainoux on a commercial basis and there arose Bowkites.

All  of us are able to remember the sharp edges of the kite, which, by pulling the side line brought with it the much easier turning, rising above that kite tip and flying again.

4 CABRINHA crosbow kitesurfen mallorca

Cabrinha Crossbow 2006

5 SLINGSHOT turbo kitsurfen mallorca

Slingshot Turbodiesel

This kite model was quickly followed by the Naish SLE, the Takoon and FONE, the Slingshot turbo and some more.

North resisted for a year to get their designs changed to Bow type but the Vegas 2006, even with a simple bridle, made join the fleet of kites of sharp ends.

6 TAKOON e nova kitesurfen mallorca.7 NAISH cult kitesurfen mallorca

Takoon Nova and Naish Cult


Later came the called Hybrid kite type, and a little later, the Fluid Ultraflat 2007, last known Legainoux design, which I became unconditional follower until their extinction.

8 GK SONIC kitesurfen mallorca.9 FONE bandit kitesurfen mallorca

GK Sonig 2008 and F-ONE Bandit

After came F-ONE and his Bandit, first kite to adopt Delta type and from there, and asides from Naish bat type kites and the GK  Sonic with its opposite to the bat design type.

9 NORTH rebel kitesurfen mallorca.9 RRD passion kitesurfen mallorca

North Rebel 2001 and RRD Passion

And other brands that went back to almost original C type designs but now with briddles and a bit more rounded tips and the last Delta Flat, where … I lost track of the topic because I moved to foil kites progressively since 2009.

FLUID torque kitesurfen mallorca

FLUID Torque Ultraflat kite 2008

But back to the relaunch issue. I would make two groups, those which by pulling the bar to you, then you had to grab a lateral line from as far away as you could and with a continuous pull until it turned on its tip, you turned the bar and pushed it forward.  And the second type, which did not need to pull the bar to you and just pull one side line, made the kite turn and fly.

But yet, in these two groups, there were two variants: the ones that will relaunch in power zone directly, like the Bow kites and Hybrids and, like the Deltas and some C briddled kites which you had to carry the kite from the pulling of the side line up to 90 degrees in the wind window, to come out flying.

Still, it was its own trick, in all cases, because basically, the kite should go to power zone to be able to load full with air to begin the process of relaunching whatever the particular case.  Anyway, if the kite was not yet able to relaunch, most times because of there was not enough air pressure, the solution was to move towards the kite quickly, wether swimming or walking if you were in shallow water and hence the kite by falling backwards and pulling the lateral line, travel to 90 degrees and fly.

The photos below give an idea of ​​how this process is, assuming that to go too forward, the kite could not just fall backwards but rotated over, so that the lines will cross and although it would be possible to relaunch and control it, it was better not to move too far forward, just enough.


We are let the kite fall to see about relaunching in light wind



Now it is the moment to bring the kite to power zone


pulling from the right side line


we should pull now both side lines to get the kite with enough air pressure


moving fast forward towards the kite


too far forward will make the kite to turn over


now it is in good position again, so, pull the side line


the kite travels to 90 degrees and start to stand on its tip


with the bar completely up, a last pull of the line


and now it is up again and flying

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