The pump … it is a advice of great help after kitesurfing.    Our kitesurfing session has ended, Santi calls me apart and says:  Come! I’m going to show you something.

Though I am tired and I just want to get rid of my neoprene and drive home, I remain confident that it will be worth to walk until his car and check whatever he has to show me, if coming from him, only can be something good.

1 la bomba kitesurfen mallorca die kiteschule in alcudia pollensa

While I’m walking the distance that separates me from his car, I see him digging inside the trunk and bringing a sort of half-crumpled black canvas cylinder.

2 santi dando bomba kitesurfschule pollensa palma de mallorca

I watch him grabbing the handle that the device has at its top and start pumping vigorously, then he pick up a sort of little hose that had previously deposited on the pavement and points it to his legs

4 lindas piernas kitesurfen mallorca

The light is coming to my mind, he is pumping from the well to draw water, and then directs the ater to his legs cleaning them form any possible trace of sticky posidonia

3 la bomnba funciona arenal can pastilla kitesurfen mallorca

… for thereupon rid himself of the kite harness and infuse the magical hose towards it … it is rinsing it!

My dream made true! … a street shower that requires no electricity! …

6a lavando el harness kitesurfen schule mallorca

Once completed the ritual of shower and rinsing, he put his fingers in a mini green handle of which, according to him, by pulling gently you deflate again the carry-with-you shower

7a sacando el aire kitesurfen palma de mallorca

and before storing back this aquifer wonder,  he makes me mention to a kind of thermostat the pump incorporates, it is to see if the water which he has previously loaded at home, still retains its temperature.

8a  termostato kitesurfen schule mallorca

It is assumed that the benefits of the system are enhanced in winter since introducing warm-or hot water, up to everyone, the shower can be even more practical.

And … the last pic of the ingenious device that can be yours, not this one, of course, but another you can buy at Decathlon sports shop, for the the insignificant figure of forty-something euros.

5 a el aparato en cuestion kitesurfing school mallorca