Well, last July, as every July of every past year it is the time when windsurfing world championship takes place in Spain, to be exact in the canary island of Gran Canaria, being this with remarkable difference the windiest competition around the circuit.

POZO Windsurf World Cup

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Excuse say that Gran Canaria has been the birthplace of Bjorn Dunkerbeck, 35 times world
champion in almost all forms of this sport.

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So as Daida and Iballa Ruano the sister twins, 18-time world champions.
I still remember that day when his father, employee of the telephone company, like mine, called me home to buy one of my windsurf boards for their young daughters, though at that time they had not won anything because they were jus kids but already pointed ways.


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From past competitions I have the memory, among other things, of the enormous fruit trays that were prepared for the competitors, and though I did not compete but knew everyone around, I enjoyed certain privileges.


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I also remember, of course, as with the pass of
hours and after being subjected to such a windgale, as every year at that time of the summer, although it was not really cold, you were getting a kind of uneasiness on your body because of too much wind, which in the end you could only thought of escape home and get under a hot shower.


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And I remember also as once, by accident, a couple of days before the comp began, I met by chance on the beach – called El Arenal though there was no more sand there than once entered the water at low tide and after walking 20 meters- with Robby Naish, who was preparing his sails, rigging them until one over the other would rest under a tarp- and we were chatting over three hours!


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What a great memory of that day, even though he knew I was a friend of Bjorn, his greater challenge and through our talk I had to admit that the judges, sometimes had been somewhat biased in giving their scores and declare winner to Bjorn when, sometimes, Robby, had done better.
Fond memories of my time as windsurfer.


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And back to our topic, few days ago finished the competition in its 26 th edition.
As always, it has been a total success, thanks to the 45 knots of wind that day they got on its windiest days, though the rest of days winds were between 30 and 40 kts.


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The winners of this year has been the Almerian Victor Fernandez and in the girls class, the more radical of the two sisters, Daida … but Iballa, something more gentle in her character, neither can be said to be a piece of candy when it comes to the competition.


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