In 1953 The San Francisco Chronicle published and article and a photo of Trent, Downing and Brown, 3 haole surfers, name with which non hawaiian originals are known in the islands, riding the biggest perfect wave anyone in mainland USA had ever seen until then.

HOW A SURFING PHOTO CHANGED ALLmakaha hawaii kitesurfen mallorca kite blog


As word spread across the country, more and more american surfers headed for Makaha, in the island of Oahu,  making of it the first great surf spot of Hawaii.

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Before that and in the early part of the 1900’s the only surfing area was the south side of Oahu around Waikiki.

Real Makaha only starts to work above 3 to 4 meters and it only hits 6 or more meters a few times a year, mixing with long periods of almost flat water.

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As said, an Associated Press photo of the 3 mentioned surfers riding a giant wave at Makaha appeared in newspapers in California in USA and throughout the world.

At the time, surfing was beginning to be really popular in California and also in Florida with surf clubs were people were riding heavy balsa surfboards.

The photo of Brown and his friends streaking that Makaha surf wall changed all and followed with a large group of surfers beginning an exodus to Hawaii from California, Florida, Texas and other states and it is then when the modern history of surfing really began.