If you have the commitment to visit different websites of the regional sailing federations of our country, will sooner or later with news like this.

The Catalan Sailing Federation convenes a course for obtaining Level 1 Monitor specializing in Kitesurfing, only valid national qualification. The Balearic Federation has recently attempted but not covered the minimum number of stakeholders, which is why they turned to call off the course.


So if anyone is interested in the subject has only to consult the link under these lines to learn about it and take the necessary steps for admission as a student. –

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The technical certificate level kiteboarding confirms that a person has the official granted skills to promote, educate and define the kitebarding sports initiation, as well as organize, monitorization and mentor the athletes and users while participating in activities and kitesurfing events own this level. This qualification features initiation monitor kitesurf tuition on training kite atheltes for the competition and it is the compulsory degree that allowes to create a kitesurfing school on spanish territory.