For a start, newest Flysurfer cloth

The DLX+ cloth is the latest cloth material brought to the kitesurfing market. This new achievement it is developed and designed for the new kite model of the Brand, the FLYSURFER SPEED5.

Its fabric is designed in other than the traditional clothes of the prior models, by instance, everybody remember that since the Speed 2 model, back in 2008 the 12 meters size was mixed white and green, now the new Speed 5 has changed this tradition, the new Speed 5 12 mts it is a purple kite.


The Speed 5 on its 6 mts size

But on this new addition to our blog I am not talking about the 12 mts size but to the latest size added, the Speed 5 6 mts.

amazing Speed 5 6 mts kitesurfen mallorca report

The new cloth it has been probed the stronger cloth and as well it has been with an improved air density due to its coating optimization, which at the same time adds prolonged durability and resistance of the canopy to wear and aging.

new cloth flysurfer mallorca kitesurfen kurs 2016

kitesurfen mallorca great graphics on the Speed 5 size 6 mts

Needless to mention that Flysurfer is the leader kitesurfing Brand if regarding investigation of new kite clothing, always after a better performance, resistance and weight per size ratio

special new coating on flysurfer Speed 5 kitemallorca blog

though Flysurfer it is mantaining the traditional attaching points fron the briddles to the cloth, which , as the regular flysurfer users know, it is specially designew to, in case of a lines tangling with other kites, the pink attachment would break, preventing to damage the cloth and avoid posible tearing

traditional attaching point mallorca kitesurfen blog 2016

it should be also mentioned that on its 6 mts size, the Speed 5 new model, prefer the 2 pulley on each size of the kite, if compared with the older model, the Speed 4 which opted for the one briddle on each side configuration.

mallorca flysurfer kiteschule blog pulleys on Speed 5 6 mts size

and we are adding one last pic of the 6 mts Flysurfer Speed 5, which on its great red color hes received some improvements on its wing tips, making of the 6 mts size an authentic gust eater, being its range from 15 to 40 knots of wind

new square tips for better turn and gust absorption kitesurfen mallorca

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