2kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5 front look.1kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5 back look.

With a weight of 3.7 kg for the XL and 3.4 kg for the L, the new Flydoors 5 are the lighter boards in the market of the light wind boards.

Flydoor5 kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer.Flydoor5 kitesurfen mallorca kitekurse  flysurfer flyboard4

Their lower weight offers the best glide and the maximum advantage by getting top speed in the lightest breeze.

kitesurf mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5 Flydoor.kitesurf mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5 Flydoor5

Both boards, the L and the XL 5,  have a special UV laminate of high quality, scratch-resistant and thus offering the longest life of the product.


Flydoor5 handle kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5.Flydoor5 kitesurfen kurse mallorca  flysurfer flyboard51

The innovative graphic design – very similar indeed to the kiteboard of Sergio “the visionary” is protected under a layer of special laminate.

Torsion Fibre Layers kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5.Scratchproof Topsheet kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5

The outline of the edge of both boards has been cut at an angle of 45 degrees, which results in the boards being more easy to control, even in conditions of chop and thus reducing the spray that occurs when riding.

Flydoor5 kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5 fantastic graphics.Flydoor5 longitudinal look kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5

The boards on its tips have a thickness of only 2 mm.

This allows greater control when while riding, we apply pressure against the water and this reaches a certain point, then, the tip is flexed upward and this makes you feel as if you were using a smaller board, making the exact cut and pressure required in the jumps.


The innovative system of longitudinal one-way tissue layers and a layer of extra fabric at an angle of 45 degrees, achieve considerably higher torsional stiffness, which is reflected in better performance in jumps and convenience in navigation.

Flydoor5 kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard52.Flydoor5 pads straps kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5

Thanks to the process of manufacturing in Europe, this, ensures the highest quality, using only the best materials.

kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5  Tucked Under Edge Rails.kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5 Ergonomic Toeside

All Flydoor5 boards have a hybrid core aimed at the achievement of a perfect harmony between the weight of the board, its performance and its durability.

kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5 Light Weight.kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5 Made in EU

A foam core is used at the edge of the side of the toes with which the board provides a significant reduction in weight.

The part of the heel uses a solid wood core, guaranteeing the stability of the recovery of the dinamic forces of the board.

Flydoor5-Detail under board kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5.Flydoor5 kitekursen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5

The Flydoors5 have a middle fin of 8cm long in the center of the board on the heel side.

This center fin increases upwind performance especially in choppy conditions, allowing you to navigate with the board in a more flat position regarding the plane on the water.

kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5 Center Fin.kitesurfschool flyboard5 Click'N'Ride Fin System kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5

In addition, both boards incorporate a system of assembly of the fins completely innovative allowing the fins to be removed in seconds.

Flydoor kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5.Flydoor5 fin detail kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5

Either to travel or to protect your car or other equipment during transport.

Flydoor5 croquis kitesurfen mallorca  flysurfer flyboard5