Kitesurfing Mallorca in May

Spring time is here. Temperatures in Mallorca are 25 Celsius, kitesurfing in thermal winds are knocking at our door.  Pollensa Bay, 15h a light thermal breeze starts blowing. 6, 7, 10 kts …

Our friend and kiteclub member is preparing his Flysurfer Sonic FR 18 mts on the Sa Marina kite beach


1 kitesurfen mallorca in Juni www edmkpollensa com kitekurse Eze in Pollensa Bucht

2 kitesurfen mallorca in Juni the black beast Sonic FR 18 mts www kitemallorca com

The black beast up there is awaiting for the right commands to start delivering its gentle power

3 kitesurfschule mallorca in Juli www edmkpollensa com lernen kitesurfen flysurfer

and the kite ride starts

4 mallorca kitesurfen schule fantastiche Pollensa Bucht Mai www kitemallorca com

the fantastic Pollensa Bay and the panoramic view from its Alcudia side it’s all to yourself

5 Formentor beach kitesurfen schule www edmkpollensa com lernen kiten in Mallorca

Formentor Hotel and beach on the background

8 Pollensa kiteschule Military Base Port of Pollensa www kitemallorca com

back to shore

9 light wind flysurfer kite www edmkpollensa com wind in mallorca

and off again

7 Port of Pollensa kitesurfing school www kitemallorca com Eze and his Sonic FR

11 La Fortaleza kitesurfing lessons mallorca www edmkpollensa com kite spot mallorca Eze

Puerto Pollensa and the Fortress


6 kitesurfing lessons in Mallorca in July Pollensa Bay www edmkpollensa com Flysurfer kiteschool

10 full speed in 7 kts wind in Mallorca www edmkpollensa kiteschool

not the adrenaline rush but the sweet kitesurfing session in friendly breezes and all free space you want, just for you …

May is here – kitesurfing Mallorca