KITEMALLORCA – kiteschool in Mallorca

Maria Jose accompanies her brother Matias on their summer trip to Mallorca. They have decided to try their luck in learning kitesurf with us.
The Asociacion Aprende a Navegar and kitemallorca school are bounded to facilitate your learning with the tuition
and the necessary technique, also by using the best and most suitable kitesurf equipment recommended for learning in our light wind conditions which we usually have on our island, Mallorca.

During the stay of our friends, the wind known as “embat” or summer thermal winds which are generally blowing in the bay of Pollensa have not been blowing at its average speeds, this has made sometimes the breeze to barely reach 5 or 6 knots. Nevertheless, Maria Jose has managed to progress on her kitesurfing lessons to end in a couple of days, being able to start to stand up in the kiteboard and kitesurf the first meters sailing in both directions.

The materials used by Maria Jose, like the one used by his brother Matias has been a Flysurfer kite type Peak size 12 meters and the kiteboard, the XL model 170×50 cms also of the Flysurfer kitesurfing brand.

Maria Jose first kitesurfing ride / Mallorca kitesurfing school

1 Maria Jose mallorca kitesurfen schule positioning on the board

2 Maria Jose stand upa nd ride ecole de kite a majorque

3 close up foto ecole de kitesurf a majorque Maria Jose

4 riding Peak 12 kitesurfen mallorca Maria Jose

5 Mª Jose starting to gain high kitesurfen mallorca

6 Mª Jose Pollensa bay kitekurse Mallorca edmkpollensa

7 full speed kitesurfing lessons mallorca Maria Jose

9 riding on the oposite direction kitesurfen mallorca Maria Jose

10 Peak 12 mts ecole de kitesurf a majorque Maria Jose

11 riding Pollentia beach kitesurfen mallorca Maria Jose

12 back where she started Mallorca kiteschule August 2016