THE LOTUS FLYSURFER SPEED4 21 mts It’s here, on my hands, I have it!.

The wait is over.  And it seems it was yesterday when I sold my 21 deluxe, back in June 2013 in a vain hope that my Speed4 was arriving soon. But no, it didn’t happen … until today.

D 1 kitesurfing school pollensa palma flysurfer lotus

Flysurfer had mind something else. What happened since?: Easy, things were not clear for though 8 and 10 mts Speed 4 were ready for months, in the larger sizes things got complicated. The reasons: The attempt of removing a pulley on each side of the kite proved an invalid option, even changing the bridle system, lengthening and shortening briddles and second, to keep more aerodynamic edge in the leading edge as younger sisters, 8 and 10 mts thanks to the nylon sections included in the seams in large sizes, showed as well ambiguous I mean, because although it gave more aerodynamics to the leading edge of the kite, likewise it affected its flight performance, specially when pulling the bar down, because the kite moved too forward in the wind window and doing so, the kite didn’t react as expected.

D kitesurfen mallorca der Tuch des flysurfer's lotus

D kitesurfen mallorca kite blog new cloth in de flysurfer

And there was still the subject material, no objections to the deluxe cloth, both in weight strength and durability, but the dream of discovering a more opaque material, less likely to allow airleak, and which was not affected by water, even when getting old, keep the thinking brains of the company, which has always characterized to try new fabrics throughout the different models, with the intention of improving not only the benefits but the whole product.

D palma kitesurfen schule kite blog edmkpollensa

D pollensa kitesurfen mallorca flysurfer frinds

Well, accidentally, it must be said, but, finally, I had the kite in my hands. The bag, I mean, because I still had not opened it. First thing you will notice the weight. The kite weighs even less than deluxe model. Next step, open the bag and … finally on my hand but … Hey! what is this? …

D ready for launch kitesurfen mallorca schule

D testing flysurfer Lotus kitesurfen mallorca kiteschule

Join the touch and vision that produces the kite, the feeling is … indescribable. the kite in appearance it is almost reminiscent of a plastic bag, the fabric simply shines. The touch  … mmm … how to describe it: very strange, unexpected, extremely soft, very very light weight, something between the plastic, rubber and silk … no, you have to touch it, to feel it … to get an idea.

D up in the air kitesurfen mallorca kitkurse

D1 can pastilla kitesurfen schule kite blog

And … there we went, to test it. What could be said of the day? Best day – or worse – you could not have chosen. The wind, almost nothing, that is, less windy day I’ve seen here in many many days. Just 3 or 4 knots, down to little bit less than that, increasing to 10 minutes 5 or 6 knots for a few minutes going back down to 3 or 4 knots again … and so it went until almost 14h or a bit later.

D2 arenal kitesurfen mallorca kitekurse

D3 kitesurfen mallorca navegando flysurfer lotur

The first of us to try it, Santi, who … after a couple of rides in very low wind with his 21 mts deluxe had returned to shore and secured the tip of his kite with his bag of sand. Put kis hands on th 21 Lotus kite and hiss face got the same expression as mine …

D4 kiteschule mallorca kitekurse alcudia pollensa

D21 mts kite flysurfer kitesurfschule palma

We extend it, fill it with air, and  Santi got a couple of rides on the 4-5 knots. And we had to bring it down and secure it with sand on its tip.

We stood there chatting and watching how bad the day looked regarding wind force. The kite laying, shining in the sun in an almost surreal way. After a while it can be seen that the deluxe missed air by being laying in the floor while the Lotus it was yet filled of air as when we just brought it down.

Dsanti para el agua kitesurfen schule mallorca

For when Santi has already collected his stuff and is about to go, the wind goes up to 4 or 5 knots again. Then I launched the kite again and I do a new ride, when it reaches 6 knots I am throwing spray and well powered. The kite weighs less than the deluxe model and it shows faster on turns. After that test having sailed about 20 minutes now I have things clear.  It is an amazing kite!. I wish there had been some more wind today, say, 5 or 6 knots instead of the 3 or 4 knots at most.

Dalmost transparent flysurfer kitesurfen mallorca

One final little thing, as I had been thinking the rest of the day about the kite, to have an aftertaste of the Lotus touch,  I had no choice but just before going to bed, open the closet where I store the kites and reach into the bag again, more out to remember the feel of it. Now, your turn. Let’s see what you think when you test it!.