kitesurfing lessons in Pollensa Mallorca, launching  kite foil

kitekurs Pollensa Mallorca

Extend your kite, anchoring the upwind tip with sand.

kitensurfing unterricht Alcudia palma

Position yourself at an angle of 110 degrees.

Kitesurfen Mallorca arenal can pastilla

An assistent can help, making sure that the downwind tip takes wind correctly.

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Pull the downwind side line until the kite start flying.


How to launch a foil kite FLYSURFER

Regardless of the perfect laminar wind and the mega beach space that my friend Gunnar enjoys in Corralejo, everything you see in the video is exactly the same thing we have to do when launching and landing a foil kite anywhere


HOW TO LAUNCH A KITE FOIL / Mallorca kitesurfen schule