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Have you ever heard about kitesurfing in Vietnam?  If the answer is yes, you probably have heard about tropical weather, warm waters
gentle breezes and friendly people.


Bai Sau kitebeach kitesurfing lessons vietnam come to learn kitesurfing in Vung Tau


Now it is time to know about a well kept secret:  A barely known kitesurfing location, not far from Ho Chi Minh city which offers very affordable accommodation, a mid size town with all the amenities and services which can make your stay perfect and what it is more important for us, wind searchers: a great, wide beach offering waves and also flat water spots where side to side-on breezes blow between 12 and 25 kts daily in the period of time between the months of November and March.


kitesurfing lessons vietnam Vung Tau river


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Where it is located kitesurfing lessons Vietnam

Our kite school it is located in the coastal city of Vung Tau. The city is 120 kms from Ho Chi Minh

and can be reached by car in less that 2 hours by road.



There are many buses connecting Vung Tau with Ho Chi Minh and also a Hydrofoil boat through the
Soirap river, until Vung Tau port.


kitesurfing lessons vung tau kite school in vietnan

The biggest beach of Vung Tau, which receives the best winds for kitesurfing, also know by the locals as Bãi Sau, it is 14 kms long
and in low tide, which happens twice a day, can be 100 mts broad.  The beach it is busy only on its first 3 kms being almost deserted
until its end, which limits with the easthern branch of the Dong Nai river, that separes Vung Tau city of Long Hai city, in the right side
branch of the bank river.


kitekurse vietnam kiten lernen auf Vung tau kitesurfing lessons vietnam kite school


How are our kitesurfing lessons

Our kite lessons start with an explanation of the basics of how a kite works and how we control it with our commands from the kitebar.
We follow with our practices in shallow water and during our progression we will use different kite sizes and lenght of the kite lines.

kitesurfen lernen vung tau kiteschool kitesurfing lessons vietnam

To this first step we pass to bodydrag, board positioning and the first waterstarts.
The different steps of our kite lessons take place on the sand bank which is situated at the end of the beach.
The sand bank is hundreds of meters large and its depth goes from knee deep to waist deep.

At our kite spot, the biggest diference with the famous kitespot of Mui Ne is that we have flat shallow waters
which facilitates the learning and practices

kitesufing school vietnam super broad beach vung tau kite lessons


Generally we get to the part of the beach where our lessons take place by riding a motorcycle through the broad
Bai Sau beach in mid/low tide on the wet sand which adds an interesting experience to our lessons.
In high tide the kite spot for lessons can be reached also by road.


kite school vietnam lernen kitesurfen kitesurfing lessons vietnam



Our kite lessons can be paid per day: 3 hours lessons is 120 euros
or we can take a full kite course which is 3 days/9 hours for 300 euros



You can book your kite lessons sending an email to

vung Tau learn kitesurfing with kitesurfing lessons Vietnam



Our kite school is working between the months of November and March, coinciding with
the dry season where the Monsoon winds blow from the Northeast direction.


kitesurfing lessons vietnam sea winds kite school Vung Tau


first hour jumping lessons in 25 kts in a rare cloudy day at the end of Vung Tau beach

riding in small waves December kite session Vung Tau

kite action in January

Bai Sau Vung Tau kite beach

from behind the kite bar Vung Tau kite beach Bai Sau



There is a broad range of accommodation from 10 euros per day up to until 150 euros.
You can contact us and we will arrange your accommodation free of charge from our side
offering you the different options according to your preferences or your budget.


kiteschule auf vietnam kitesurfen lernen Vung Tau




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