Kitesurfing Mallorca

edmkpollensa kitemallorca
Last week we received Sofie, a young lady from Belgium.
Sofie became a kite club member of Asociación Aprende a Navegar
and took the first 3 hours kite lessons which are included on the membership fee.


1 Sofie first waterstart kite course Mallorca www edmkpollensa com

1a up in the kiteboard www edmkpollensa com wind in Mallorca

1b gaining meters upwind www kitemallorca com kitekurse mallorca Sofie


She performed very well from the early stages of her training and on the third hour of it
she started with the first waterstarts.

2 Sofie Pollensa kite spot Mallorca wwwedmkpollensa com kiten lernen

3 Mallorca kitesurfen Pollensa kite stehrevie www kitemallorca com

4 flysurfer Peak kitesufen Mallorca great kite for lessons www edmkpollensa kiteschule


Through the pictures and videos of this blog entry we will see how Sofie is starting the kite lessons
progressing with ease and standing up on the kiteboard while riding fluently in both directions.

5 kitesurfen mallorca Pollensa Bucht wind auf mallorca www edmkpollensa com

6 far away kitesurfing mallorca Sofie www kitemallorca com

7 kitesurfing lessons July mallorca kite courses for all levels www edmkpollensa com


The equipment that Sofie used during her kite lessons was a Flysurfer kite, Peak 2 model of
12 mts size and the kiteboard a Flysurfer XL model.

8 Formentor kitesurfing www edmkpollensa com kitesurfing lessons in mallorca

9a riding towards Sa marina www edmkpollensa com kitesurfing lessosn in mallorca

10 Sofie Flysurfer kitesurfen schule wind auf mallorca ww edmkpollensa com

11a watching the action in the water kitesurfing lessons Mallorca 2 day of lessons Sofie

11b Peak 12 mts escuela de kitsurf en Palma de Mallorca www edmkpollensa com with Sofie

12a la fille belge a Mallorca www edmkpollensa com ecole de kite

13 flysurfeer ecole de kitesurf a Majorque Peak 12 metres a Sa marina

13a kite spot Majorque ecole de kitesurf Pollensa www kitemallorca com

13b kiteboarding in the distance www edmkpollensa com flysurfer ecole de kite

14 leçons de kitesurf a majorque www edmkpollensa com Peak 12 mts Flysurfer

14a Es Barcares kitesurfen schule Mallorca mit www edmkpollena com kiteschule Sofie

15 Formentor beach at the bottom www edmkpollensa com kite school Mallorca

17 learning kiteboarding Pollenda www kitemallorca com Sofie 3 days kite course

18 Sa Marina kite school Pollensa Alcudia www kitemallorca com

19 Sofie returns to the beach www edmkpollensa com la escuela de kitesurf en Mallorca

20 flysurfer kitekurse auf Mallorca mit Sofie www edmkpollensa com

21 kiteboard XL flysurfer kitekurse mallorca Juli www edmkpollensa com

21a close pic Sofie kitesurfen unterricht www edmkpollensa com kiten lernen auf mallorca

21b Sofie kitesurfer mallorca reiten mit flysurfer Peak 12 mts Sa marina

22 kite girl lernen kitesurfen Pollensa kitespot www edmkpollensa com

23 last kiteride 3 days kite course in mallorca www edmkpollensa com

24 kite girls Sofie and Kristine www edmkpollensa com Verein Aprende a navegar


We are very proud to see how well and consistently Sofie was able to ride and rather surprisingly,
in such a short period of time.
Sofie is a really skilled lady and we wish her a successful kitesurfing life while we remain looking
forward to have her soon again among us this summer.


Here the videos of Sofie and her outstanding progression during her kite lessons

Kitesurfing Mallorca – A new kiteclub member, Sofie