KITESURFING IN PIPELINE / kiteblog kitesurfen mallorca

There are not many chances to ride Pipeline but on 25th January 2014 was one of them.

1 Pipeline door kiteblog kitesurfing school in mallorca

2 downstairs towards the beach kitesurfen mallorca

The Jet Stream was moving South and the storms that produce the typical winter swells were near.  This day, the weather wasn’t yet the expected before the arrival of the storm and  for a powerfull swell to arrive.

3 Banzai Pipeline kiteblog kitesurfenschule in mallorca

3a down the wave kiteschule in Arenal mallorca

The next storm forecasted was well two days out yet.  So, Keahi de Aboitiz and Reo stevens meet in Ehukai, the always tourist packed Pipeline beach park.

3e first bottom turn kiteschule can pastilla.3f keep your balance Andratx kiteschule mallorca
After watching closely the sets of waves, it was clear that at least some of them were kiteable, then, taking advantage of the fact that there were no surfers on the water, they pumped
their kites and hit the water, with no apparent sign of disaproval from the Pipeline lifeguards up there on their beach tower.

3g getting barreled kitesurf schule palma de mallorca
The barrel at Pipeline comes from the combination of the wave hitting the coral reef bottom and the trade winds giving shape to the lip of the wave.

4aa tube wave kitesurfen mallorca school.4aaa about to get covered by the wave kite in mallorca
After several tacks they were able to get to the bottom of a big wave riding backhand.

5aa left hand wave kitesurfschule pollensa.5aaa inside the tube kitesurfing lessons mallorca
All went as expected because the wind was cooperating and in the middle of the cheers from the crowd on the beach.

7 the tube way out kiteschule palma de mallorca

They were able to kite some good waves and get barreled on several of them. After a while, two more guys joined them.
Konrad Bright and Ritchard White.

The session lasted almost two hours and everybody was
quite happy about the outcome.

7a end of the ride on sight kitesurfen mallorca cala d'or.8 the dreamed ride kitesurfenschule mallorca kiteblog

There are seldom opportunities to kiteride the iconic waves of Hawaii. It can be a matter of luck and years until the chance arrives.

This day was one of them. A glorious one!