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There are expensive ways to protect your kite, but, of course, there is also the traditional method: Pack your kite if you are not using it and store it on its bag

Now, there is a new solution for protectig your kite tube, that is KITECOVERS

Kitecovers is an invent bounded to protect your tube kite against sun, wind and sand with the unique goal to prolong its life.




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Your tube kite cost a lot of money. Sitting on the beach in the sun’s UV rays will harm it and weaken the cloth.

The wind makes sand fly and also affects the trailing edge and the fabric fibers until accelerating its deterioration.

Consider also that piling sand on top of the kite cloth causes pinholes and tears.

What can we do?



KITECOVERS kite protection

Using the new Kitecovers, made of ripstop nylon is the best way to protect your tube kite.


7 kitecovers mallorca kitesurfen schule Pollensa Bucht

Kitecovers block the UV rays

Avoids cloth-produced movement caused by the wind

Protects against abrasion

They are adjustable to fit all kites the size of 5 m to 18 m

They are quick and easy to put and to remove it

With a single KITECOVER we can protect multiple tube kites



Kitecover info /web and video

Check on for more information



Check also this video where is detailed how to use it


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Perhaps the smartest thing you can do if you bought a tube kite.

KITECOVERS-Mallorca kitesurfing school advice – Protect your kite equipment