Edmkpollensa/Kitemallorca kitesurfing lessons


Once you have finished your kite course
Said so, we adjoining on this post of our kite blog, some basic but important points
to consider once you have learn your fisrt rides and you are in position to kitesurf on your own.

1 .- Do not sail alone, whenever possible

2 ·- Inspect your kitesurfing equipment, briddles, worn lines, depower rope in good condition, chicken loop should work properly

3 .- Make sure that bladders of your kite do not lose air and the kite fabric it’s in good condition

4 .- If your kite it’s a foil type, pay special attention, everything should be perfectly connected and without entanglements

5 ·- Be aware of potential weather changes and be sure of where your navigation can end if something goes wrong

6 ·- Use the kite size according to the wind force, if you see that wind rises, return immediately

7 ·- Know always your limit. If in doubt, do not go kitesurfing

8 ·- Before going kitesurfing, everything should be clear, otherwise, there can be very complicated situations, which must be avoided

9 ·- Keep your energy, do not ride further than you can swim, if you feel tired, return to earth.

10 .- In case of a storm, preferably, don’t kitesurf. Even in normal wind conditions we must always take precautions to the maximum.

11 .- The strongest and most dangerous winds in Mallorca occur during Autumn / Winter, sometimes also in Spring.

12 .- The best time to kitesurf in MALLORCA it is summer, during this months we will have thermal winds daily.



Jose, a new kiter to the world

Today, Jose, our new kiter student, ended his kitesurfing lessons with the school kitemallorca/edmkpollensa.





He took a 3 days kite course but due to his skills and easy learning,
during his 6 hour of kite training, Jose started with the first waterstarts.



This photos show his evident progression in kitesurfing and how
he managed to ride his first hundreds of meters, first, towards his right and then
towards the left, over passing the starting point and later returning to the
starting point without any problem.




The equipment he used for his kitesurfing ride: a kite Peak 9 mts
of Flysurfer and a board 170×50 XL model of Flysurfer from year 2014



Jose, a new kiter to the world




See here the right of way once you are kitesurfing