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IT IS NOT GOLD All that glitters … goes the saying.

There are beaches in appearance which invites you to think you’re going to have a great kite session

It is our beach spectacular, huge, deserted, with a good amount of sand, comfortable temperature, waves, well … everything looks good.

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What is what would make our beach stop being interesting for kitesurfing?.

Sharks? Rare lurking creatures in the water? … No, it’s not that. What’s the problem then?

For our beach, the problem is: Currents

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In fact, in addition to strong and dangerous currents to our beach we should add the breaking waves.

About the third row of breaking waves, often, are quite devastating, tube type and of considerable height, and wind, to tell the truth neither does not help much, because it blows rather straight onshore.

Which beach I’m talking about?:

Cofete, in Fuerteventura island.

3 cofete-beach-panoramic-view

Situated in the desertic west side of the island of Fuerteventura, in the peninsula of Jandia , our beach has an extra plus to be so isolated and deserted: it is quite difficult to access it and certainly it is rather far from civilization.


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In fact it is a secluded beach if it were not for the occasional visite of “the adventurer tourist” type which often relies on the support provided by a normal car, thus risking destroying the car on the dirt stoney trak road, which could force the rent a car company where they rented their vehicle, most likely crucify their credit card, while other foreigners, more careful type, opted to rent a 4×4 and so, arrive easier and safer to Cofete.


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Playa de Cofete how to arrive

Map and photos of the way

Graphic constatation of someone who has kited there, if for what you may find on the web, it is just a couple of pictures and one youtube video though, as we shall see, it was not much success in his navigation.

6 cofete kiteb log kitemallorca fuerteventura


Probably due to the lack of familiarity with the water condition and as the video shows not that there was much wind, just barely enough.

Other than that, a couple of friends of mine who were there long ago but did not try because they also lacked kite size, more than that, is is an enigma, no more news of other kiters who went there and succeeded.


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Video of the guy who tried kitesurfing there

Playa de Cofete, english info:


However, the beach, apart from its undeniable aesthetic appeal, it also has its share of mystery. And that is because the legend about the only building that exists throughout the length and breadth of that beach.

The Winter villa. Dilapidated now but the house it is in worse shape that its legend anyway.

7 villa-winter kiteblog kitemallorca

The Villa Winter, was built and inhabited by a german national, apparently in the final years of World War II and the house and the area was rumored it could have been a source of refreshment and a hidden military base for submarines of the Third Reich.


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In the following links you can see the story about it.

The most comprehensive website on the Villa

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Some more info about the villa





And, not too far from that area of the island, a few tens of kms further up and in a space of coast, also with difficult access, another story took place, if not as much mysterious as the previous one, at least more romantic.


9 american star kitesurf en mallorca

The beach where one of the largest ever built, and the American Star got wrecked and agrounded. today, the hull of the wreck, practically almost disappeared due to strong waves and the passing years.


9 american star kitesurfen mallorca 2

The following links some history about it.


z garcey and the shipwreck kitesurfen mallorca