FOILBOARDING is definitely here to stay.

A couple of months ago in the St. Francis Yacht Club was hosted the third stop of the Kitefoil World Cup.  Until the date, this was the largest foilboard kiting event in the world as sixtynine competitors from 14 countries participated in the event during the four days regatta.

Crissy Field foilboarding kitesurfen mallorca report

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The race took place on the San Francisco Bay at the beach of Crissy Field French racer Maxime Nocher took the first place followed by Nico Parlier in the second place, American Johnny Heineken was clasified in the third place.

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The changing wind conditions forced racers to experience a variety of conditions, as, generally the day began with a flood which brought stronger winds at the low tide.

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The riders were confronted with offshore wind gusts up to 30 knots and strong currents.

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This made of the race a quite difficult challenge, where a mistake would get you overtaken by other competitors.

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In spite of being a brand new club team and after the good results in Italy, the Flysurfer race team was highly motivated and showed up in full force.

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The Flysurfer team did a great job riding our Kite Race Sonics & FR 11m 9m and in spite of their inexperience they managed to qualify, being our kite pal Benni the best Flysurfer rider, ending the race on place 7

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The world’s best foilboard riders were on that race in which with 22 knots of wind, were able to reach top speeds of up to 33 knots.

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Evidently, local knowledge of the conditions and the spot made local riders know exactly where the currents were more favorable and wind the strongest.

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With 4 Flysurfer team riders in the top 15 the tear was quite satisfied with the performance, with and special mention to Simone Vannucci, which riding the Sonic FR 9m was the winner of the master class.

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