Already a year ago since Flysurfer launched its Speed 4 Lotus model. Those who have had the pleasure -and means- of allowing this amazing kite can certify its many virtues.

Amazing Lotus Limited Edition 15 mts escuela de kite en Alcudia

Compared with its predecessor The Speed 3 is noticeable a softer feel on the kite bar, even smoother than in the past model as well as greater turning speed.

frontal view kitesurfing school mallorca Lotus limited edition

Something truly amazing since in conditions of minimum wind, when we are sending the kite from one side of the window to the other, we get so much power that we have to edge hard our kiteboard if we really don’t want to get catapulted into the air.

Lotus cloth LE Flysurfer kitesurfen schule Palma de Mallorca

And also notice, of course, the Lotus fabric, absolutely waterproof and airtight, as well as the difference in weight, up to 25 percent less.


Kitesurfen mallorca limited edition 12 Lotus clothe Kitesurfen mallorca limited edition 15 Lotus clothe

Now after a year, Flysurfer offers the next step in the evolution of Speed 4 Lotus on the classic colors the usual, gold-white-black for 21 meters, light blue for the 18 meters, 15 meters for yellow and green for 12 meters

Orange black white mallorca kitesurfing lesson french language

The limited edition it is only brought in the 12 and 15 meters, both produced in reduced quantities and in the newly blue and orange colors, for the 15 m and 12 m tones.

Kitesurfen mallorca the Lotus 4 Speed limited edition


Highlights of the Flysurfer Speed 4 Lotus Limited Edition:

• Produced only in very limited quantities

• Available in sizes of 12 meters and 15 meters

• Textile Lotus – 25% lighter weight, water and stain repellent and extremely tight

• Kite particularly suitable for the new category, the hydrofoiling

• Also in the categories of freestyle / old school maneuvers with a truly remarkable hangtime

• Including the Infinity kite bar 3.0

• 12 months warranty free repair

• 2 different types of lines, the normal lines, now, significantly smaller in thickness than the Speed 3 model or super reduced -Kite Race type-


FLYSURFER Speed 4 Lotus Limited Edition