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FLYSURFER has been working on a project in the category of Race-oriented kitefoil.
Flysurfer, has always created kites oriented for the best performance through the years, with its large collection and different models of kitefoils, from their beginnings, back in the year 1999.
Now, the german brand has gone an step forward, from their last release in May last year, the Speed 4 Lotus, an “all publics” oriented kite, to the new Race and high performance machine, the SONIC-FR.
Due to the demands of the new current Race market, and with the rise of this category, Flysurfer has designed and created his new Race kite.   The differences in design comparing with the Lotus Speed 4, are evident, this is a thinner, longer, narrower kite, with more number of cells and, in fact, a very high aspect ratio kite, the first real competition oriented kitefoil from Flysurfer.
Already, on their last yearly dealers meeting in September 2014 in Egypt, the lucky ones that attended to the meeting could try the first prototypes, which could be considered a real racing machine, exclusively oriented to race competition or to expert riders.  It has much more power than the Speed 4 model and its hangtime it’s simply unbeleivable.
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If you have plans to compete in the Race category or establishing new year 2015 records both in water, or snow soon will be released the new SONIC-FR.
Some of the features of the SONIC-FR:
.. Wing of ultra high-performance 3D shaped profile, characterized by hangtime and extreme performance.
.. Maximum efficiency.
.. Advanced technology RibCell
.. Low air resistance briddles and exclusive Racebar configuration flight lines of new technology and minimum thickness, creating less friction, but maintaining máximum load allowance.
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Sizes: 11m 2 / 15m 2 / 18m 2   with the approval of IKA
Currently, the SONIC-FR is in the pre-production phase but in the coming weeks it’s going to be tested in several snowkiting competitions and it’s being put to test by the Flysurfer team testers in more tropical destinations for the best trimming and last changes prior to the final comercialization.
Commercial launch is planned for the spring of 2015 and will be available on Flysurfer stores or through their website