Flysurfer kitefoils are a very special type of kites because the same fact of being a foil, means that for not having any hard/rigid part on its profile, we will be able to alter this profile and therefore, the behaviour of our kite can be adapted to our riding preferences.

In the following diagrames we will see the different trim possibilities, how can be achieved and which will be the results of our choice.

When your Flysurfer kite it is trimmed on the figure under this lines, the kite is set in its highest angle of attack to the wind, which means the kite becomes more powerful but slower.  This setting is the most adequate for lower winds.

2 angulo de ataque kitesurfen mallorca kiteschule

This is the standar trim, the kite fly fast and pulls enough, For this setting we should trim the 4 knots on the same level.

1 angulo de cometa kitesurfen mallorca kiteschule

On the next figure the kite flies the fastest possible but pulls the less, therefore if we want to achieve the maximum power we should steer the kite the fastest through the wind window.

3 trimado flysurfer kitesurfen mallorca kiteschule

This configuration means B knot is a little longer than A knot and C knot it a little longer than B knot, same thing with Z knot, just a little longer than C.
This setting is the most adequate for higher winds.