Among the special features of the new kite model Flysurfer Speed 5 is to have the DLX fabric, which offers great resistance with a new coating to reduce porosity. It is also tear resistant and retains its endurance properties for longer.


The new internal construction raises the quality level of FLYSURFER kites to a new level of quality, never experienced before in this brand. The seams are double stitched and the ribs and profile come with additional plastic reinforcements, which provide even more stability.


While it takes a little longer to get air filled because the holes/entrance that separate the side panels in this case are smaller than those on the precedent model, the Speed 4 Lotus, this reinforces the whole kite offering greater resistance against the possible crashes against the water.


The Rigid Foil technology – the plastic reinforcements along the leading edge – are used to reduce wrinkles on the front edge and the upper side of the kite. This results in less aerodynamic drag and greater stability of the kite. The kite translates each gust of wind into propulsion without deforming the canopy. In general, these rigid parts increase also the stiffness of the kite and make it more dynamic and faster turning.


There are 3 simultaneous ways in which the kite achieves its maximum depower: Reduction of the angle of attack, change of profile and reduction of the projected area. This leads to a huge wind range unseen until this kite foil model.


The integrated drainage system on the lower side of the tips of the Speed 5 model, with openings about the size of a hand, allow water and sand to drain automatically, without influencing the performance of the kite.


The new lines of the brand LIROS, are produced in Germany with a maximum standards of quality.
Thanks to its strong Dyneema core fibers and its reduced line diameter it is possible maintaining a resistance of similar breakage than regular size lines but with a significant minor amount of drag because their noticeable thinner diameter.


Flysurfer maintains the free repair guarantee for the first 12 months from your purchase, which protects you in case of damage of your kite or bar.


Flysurfer new Speed 5 foil model / edmkpollensa report