Kitesurfer Eze jumps and jumps and jumps

There are some things that sooner or later they have to arrive. Like the night after the day, like breakfast time every morning or like some visites during the day to toilette activities. But no, we are not going to insist in such unromantic fact as rest room visites, at least by now. Why should we, when instead, there are other “events” that deserve the same cathegory -general cathegory, I mean.

I was referring to jumping, this dreamed, desired, sometimes even overrated kitesurfing move. And who else to protagonize this little entry to our blog than our beloved kite fellow Eze.

Yes, si, Eze is finally jumping, left aside insignificant minor details as style or landings, etc, whatever, Eze is starting to amaze us with his jumps, and … this is what really matters.

The next few pics ara a sort of homage to Eze’s striking manoeuvres. This flights, this hangtimes, this merciless boosts up in the air, all of it, necessarily able to impress kids and grandmothers who were on the beach -if any- tough to be fair to the true, there weren’t any, Thanks God -to be honest-.

However, Eze’s progression it is evident to the eye, the human eye and any other living creature’s eye that may be lucky enough to witness his spectacular airtricks.

And … the next few photos will undoubtely help to understand to all the readers and followers of this little humble blog entry of mine. Finish! … no more words!

Let’s go straight to the fact, to the images, to the pure kite action and to his master.
Ladies and gentleman, señoras señores, dear children, if any, queridos niños -si los hay-
God keep them away of any evil influence, Dios les aleje de cualquier mala influencia, and help them to digest the following images, y les ayude en la digestión de las siguientes imágenes, y, and, be this images, if of any use, not to scare them definitely from the possibility of learning kitesurfing. Sirvan las mismas no para alejarles definitivamente de la intención de aprender kitesurf, but to indulge Eze’s jumps, sino para la posibilidad de disculpar y perdonar los saltos de Eze, and also to understand that, everybody, none of us, y también de comprender que nadie, ninguno, nació aprendío.
Que quede claro! Than, none was born already learned. Let’s assume that fact.

1 Eze a lo lejos kitesurfenschule mallorca
Eze on the far

2 se acerca y salta kitesurfing school mallorca kitemallorca
He is getting closer and suddenly he jumps

3 despierta el asombro kitesurfing lessons mallorca
Eze awakes the surprise and even the envy

4 vuelve a saltar Eze el mostruo kitesurfen mallorca
and he jumps again “Eze the monster”

5 toma distancia ira a saltar de nuevo kitekurse auf mallorca
Eze is taking distance. Is he planning to jump again?

6 salta de nuevo esta lanzado kiteschule mallorca Pollensa
and … there he goes again -está lanzao, así se dice en castellano-

7 se vuelve a alejar, va a por mas madera kitesurfen mallorca
today our dear friend and kite fellow it is “touched by God’s finger” as on the ceiling paintings on Vatican

8 cuando se salta tan alto como las montañas kitesurfen mallorca
and … last pic, or … when one is jumping at the Peaks high. Si o no?

Eze jumps and jumps and jumps – kitesurfen mallorca