2 new kitesurfing members in Mallorca

The next sequence of photos shows the kitesurfing progression of 2 new kite members of our kiteclub ASOCIACION APRENDE A NAVEGAR that, as its very same name indicates, is an association of people interested into learning to navigate in kitesurfing making the cost of this tuition the less as possible and at the same time making this experience among other kite students that as themselves are learning.

Marguerite and Doris joined our kite club and started with their kite lessons. After the first 3 hours the control of the kite was very good, being able both of them to bodydrag fluently.

The next 4 hours they were learning and practicing how to position themselves on the kiteboard and practicing the first waterstarts. Their kitesurfing lessons ended after 9 hours of course and practices, which allowed both of them to be riding in both direction with ease.

We would like to congratulate Marguerite and Doris and we are looking forward to hear about them in the future once they are back in France, as well as to have the chance to meet them again here in Mallorca and share a good time with the friends and other kiteclub members with which they get acquainted during their stay.


1 escuela de kitesurf dos chicas francesas www edmkpollensa kitesurfing school en mallorca


2 apprendre kitesurf a majorque premiere waterstart www edmkpollensa kitesurfing school en mallorca en Julio


3 elle s'eleve dans le kiteboard kitesurf ecole a Majorque avec www kitemallorca com leçons de kite en Juillet


4 elle s'en va loin kitesurfing lessons in mallorca www edmkpollensa kitesurfing school en mallorca


5 prepare pour waterstart www edmkpollensa kitesurfing school en mallorca with Doris


6 Doris s'eleve et part dans planche de kitesurf a Majorque en Juillet www edmkpollensa com


7 Pollentia Club kite spot a majorque ecole de kite en Juin www edmkpollensa kitesurfing school en mallorca


8 apprendre kite a majorque Marguerite kite etudiant a Pollensa www edmkpollensa kitesurfing school en mallorca


9 Marguerite s'eleve dans le kiteboard kitesur leçons a Majorque in Juillet


10 Marguerite riding kitesurfing in Mallorca kite course with www edmkpollensa com


12 les deux filles francaises prenent kite leçons a majorque avec kitemallorca com


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