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This a very basic explanation of the different type of clouds


Lower layer of clouds. Representing mostly calm weather. Often sprinkle



Cumulus are a dense type of clouds and its edges change constantly.
Generally are a sign of good weather but if the cloud tend to rise in the atmosphere and becomes a cumulonimbus type of cloud, this can produce light showers.
Are clouds with a typical massive vertical expansion, generally, as a result of a Cumulus cloud.   Cumulonimbus can lead to precipitations in the form of rain, hail or snow, and often also to thunderstorms.
Can be the cause of violent winds that can reach a speed of up to 100 km/h.
Nimbostratus are a type of clouds low, large dark grey, with a strong vertical extent. Nimbostratus are caused by the movement of a warm front.
This type of clouds can bring bad weather for several days.
Are a type of high clouds that usually occupy extense areas.
Are usually a sign of good weather

Are generally a type of almost transparent clouds of fibrous aspect, covering the sky completely or partially

They are not the cause of rain, producing often halo phenomena (solar and lunar).
Are a sign of the arrival of a warm front