Chris first waterstart

Chris receives help to get as far as posible from the beach. Clearly a basic tow situation.

1 se le ayuda a alejarse de la costa ecole de kitesurf a majorque

The goal, basically is to keep him safe by allowing the máximum room between him and all sort of obstacles

2 a suficiente distancia para que esté a salvo ecole de kitesurf a majorque

Chris, after receiving the most exhaustive technique and information to guarantee him the most possible success achievable, is going to try the waterstart

3 Chris lo va a intentar waterstart en estado puro ecole de kitesurf a majorque

after positioning the kite on the left side of the wind window, Chris send the kite towards the oposite side of the window and therefore receiving a huge impulse which he manages to deal with in a sitiation aparently more prone to fiasco that success

4 tras un muy gran impulso se levanta ecole de kitesurf a majorque

then, to the surprised eyes of all of us, guided by his fine kitesurfing instinct, and by the Holy Providence -as well- our friend Chris recovers the control of kite and board and, magically -how else?- continues his kite ride forward

5 y lo que parecia un fiasco resulta en un exito ecole de kitesurf a majorque

and, as an evident optical proof that the Cosmic justice exists, in some way, indifferent to our own desires and aspirations, but definitely well greased and tuned, Chris follows his kite ride -who knows for how long and how far-
But, who really cares about it? the fact is: Chris waterstarted and was able to ride and advance some meters forward

6 ratificacion del exito alejandose navegardo ecole de kitesurfr a majorque

The rest, it is just a matter of good memory, precise handling and good choice of the right wind conditions, the right kite spot and the right equipment and … practice, a lot of practice.

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