On a clear sunny day, one of our kite students seems ready for the final test, the waterstart and his first ride …

Before that, he has prepared conscientiously for this moment, and among his preparations wss to find the maximum power on his kite, that is why he is flying when he pulls down the kite bar and he is happily propelled up in the sky

1 Carsten kitesurfen student mallorca palma

This is the moment in which helped by the friendly hand of his new kite pal Thomas, he is moving backwards in search of the necessary distance from the beach to avoid any trouble or nasty beach crash

2 kitesurfeschule deutsche kurs Carsten

Last moments before the adventure … last advices and signs of good hope from the surrounding friends and kite fellows

3 Thomas and carsten kitesurfen Mallorca

but, no fear! he feels full of positive energy and there’s no reason why something should go wrong

4 ready to waterstart kitesurfen can pastilla

moving the kite backwards and sending it forward and … up he goes!

5 arenal kitesurfschule mallorca mit carsten

and in the middle of the good wishes of the other kite students, he is starting his first water ride kitesurfing towards … who knows where?

5a first waterstart pollensa kitekurs flysurfer

first hundred meters are gone and all is well, God’s watching!

5 peak 9 mallorca kitesurfen schule  mit Jose

while on his ears still sound the chant of his left behind friends -notice that Thomas is singing while Carsten is moving away-

6 summer kitesurfschule mallorca mit Carsten

and moving happily forward, suddenly he starts to feel the loneliness of the kite surfer, of the open cross ocean sailor of the seawolf man, of the pure adventurer … 🙂

9 sa rapita santanyi kitesurfschule mallorca carsten

But his kite ride in full speed is conforting him. The pleasure of knowing that you achieved your goal and you are kitesurfing

10 riding kiyesurfen mallorca mit carsten

And, in the middle of the thrill of the ride, he starts to notice that the shore is rather near, so, maybe now it is the moment to start slowing down in order to not getting smashed against the heaps of beach posidonia whill fills the beach floor

11 santa ponsa palmanova kitesurfen carsten

because, he was so concentrated on his kite ride, you know … not to fall on the water and keep his front leg stretched while he was keeping pressure on the board edge, that he almost didn’t noticed that the beach is not far anymore, actually, it is quite near now

12 kiteschule mallorca palmanova carsten 2015

and to the general amazement, even other fellows on the beach have witness his success, his great achievement, his first kite ride!

13 kitesurfen mallorca learn kitesurf deutsche sprache

Perhaps now is the moment to stop riding and start thinking how to get back to where his ride started and, most surely, back to the applause of his kite buddies and kite students.

Congratulations Carsten! Good luck and good winds in your future kitesurfing life.

CARSTEN FIRST METERS / Kitesurfen Mallorca kiteblog