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Earlier in one of the first entries of the blog I already wrotte about something similar, in that case was the battle of Trafalgar and its up-to-date recreation, version kitesurfing in Tarifa’s beaches.

This time some people decided to rewrites the history of another great naval battle which took place in 1658, and won the Danish fleet but in kitesurfing terms.


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Red Bull is sponsoring this event with a kite Marathon in the Strait next to Copenhagen that separates the coasts of Sweden and Denmark.

With 500 kiteboarders from 16 Nations and in two different modalities, Flysurfer riders have made a paper excellent, being in second place in one of them and wining the top two positions in the second race.


Over 40 kilometres and covering the distance in one hour and 31 minutes. It is easy to imagine the effort, especially for the legs of the competitors.


When, for example, yesterday in 14 knots here in the Bay of Pollensa, and with my 15 Flysurfer Sonic FR sailed across the Bay from tip to tip. That is, from the left of Pollentia Club, which is Es Barcares and from there, flip up to well past the pier of Llenaire, and further past almost reaching the yacht club.

How many miles were that? 10?  back and forth I mean, you can multiply that by 4 but imagine that not as a walk but in competition, trying to go full speed and in conditions more wavy than on our bay.  You can imagine it … definitely a good crush for your legs.

But up there in fact, it was all about fun …


Back to the Strait of Sund Race 2014

The faster riders sailed in gusts of up to 30 knots.


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“It was great! the winner said. I had prepared well for this competition and when I saw the finish line next.

And … when I felt that none of the other competitors could reach me, the sense of joy was huge, explained Jensen.


During the Red Bull Battle of the Sund strait, there were strong winds, especially in the limit of Danish waters, and many riders were not able to go on until the turning point on the island of Flakfortet.

Atte Keppel won in the division Twintip while the faster woman in the water was Camilla Ringvold, of Norway.

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“This has been the most difficult thing I’ve done in my life!.   1st prize in the category with Flysurfer Twintip.

It was much more demanding this race than the competition of last year between Germany and Denmark.


That, with the same distance or about than last year race but this time we suffer change of winds,  rough seas and algae and lot of kelp that was slowing the board.

But at the same time this competition has been much more fun, “added Ringvold.


Video of the event:

Results 2014 Red Bull battle of the Strait of Sund

Open Mens

1. Bjorn Rune Jensen

2. Peter Müller  -Flysurfer-

3. Steffen Oevind


Twintip Mens

1. Atte Keppel -Flysurfer-

2. Richard Wernersson -Flysurfer-

3. Michael Roos