Few days ago, the promised forecast NE winds and 20 kts.

I speeded towards the beach to see -to my dismay- that the promised wind force was in fact, barely 10 kts.

But the good part of it was that instead start setting frantically my equipment in order to hit the water the sooner as possible, I remained seated on my van watching the beach scene.

And thanks to it I discovered the first Airush strutless kite ever seen up here in Pollensa bay


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Pollensa Bay kitesurfschule mallorcs airush no struts.tubekite mallorca kitesurf school in Mallorca

In fact, there’s no much to tell about it. Basically because I did not test it myself but what I saw was enough to probe something to me.

Sa marina kiteschule kitesurfen mallorca strutless kite.north mallorca kitesurfen schule airush


without flapping, without any sign of failure …

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Though the wind was not really significant, 10 kts to 12 kts at most, but yet, I must admit, that if I had to chose to buy a tube kite -which definitely it is not the case- I would seriously think about a kite without struts, and as the Cloud, the other strutless kite we know about it is shipped and tested so far from Mallorca, Airush probably would be the choice.

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